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Professional Music Videos for Musicians
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TNT Music Videos Denver is the home of professional music videos production and editing for bands and musicians in Colorado. We produce concert, conceptual and video profiles for the music industry and take pride in creating custom-produced music videos that stand out from the crowd with their professional image, design and craftsmanship. Our sister company, Denver Pro Videos, produces promotional videos for individuals, businesses, corporations and non-profits.

Distinctive Image

Your music and your band are unique. Our job it to highlight your music by showcasing the unique qualities that make your band and your sound appealing and sought-after.

Skillful Design

When you view our work, you will see that all the various elements (music, graphics, videography, and editing) are designed and coordinated to strengthen the impact of your music.

Quality Craftsmanship

TNT Music Videos Denver delivers a consistent high standard of quality for everything we produce. We have the experience, the knowledge and the skills. Your music video is a reflection of your music and your band: make it the best it can be!


Zombie Dance

150,000+ YouTube Views!

"I have watched Zombie Dance a number of times.
Am thrilled that it's so popular on YT. It's a really fun video. Very very cool."